Jean - Claude

Who is that vamp?

Jean-Claude is a Master Vampire. His animal to call is the wolf and their semi-human counterpart, werewolves. He has certain powers over other beings, his laugh can be used to please. The basis of his power is sex. (And then some, woof) Lookie likey His shoe size is a mystery. He can also hide his age, powers and dress to impress. He was originally from France and still speaks it on occasion. Over the 400 plus years he has learned to use most situations to his advantage.

Anita: You are a devious son of a bitch, did you know that?
J.C: I've been told that before.

In this universe, vampires are mostly legal and almost accepted unless they commit a crime. (Then the are usually punished by death). Jean-Claude is the public face of vampires in St Louis. He owns a number of businesses, including Guilty Pleasures (a vampire strip club) and The Circus of the Damned (Jean-Claude's daytime resting place (shhhh)).

Brief history of:

Jean-Claude started from humble peasant beginnings. This all changed when he was chosen to be a whipping boy. He was a companion and educated with the son of a local upper class family. He still bears the scars from the punishments he received. Belle Morte (beautiful death), member of the vampire council, turned him into a vampire, she also made Asher.

J.C: We have a council, ma petite, it has existed for a very long time. It is not so much a governing body as a court, or police, perhaps. Before your courts made us citizens with rights, we had very few rules, and only one law. Thou shall not draw attention to yourself.

Jean-Claude, Asher and Asher's human servant, Julianna, travelled together for nearly twenty years. Jean-Claude left their side to see his dying mother. While away his companions were captured. Julianna was burnt at the stake and Asher was disfigured by holy water. Something Asher held a grudge about for many hundreds of years.
He made his way through the ranks of vampire society. Then, with the help of Anita Blake, he finally attained the position of Master of the City.

Anita: Hell, Defiantly Hell.
JC: What, ma petite?
Anita: I was wondering where I was. If you're here, it has to be Hell.

Most recently he joined in a Triumverate. A power share with head werewolf, Richard and Anita necromancer, zombie raiser and Vampire executioner.
Who said unlife wasn't complicated.

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