Asher said What!?!

Asher: I don't mean to rush you, but you will use up your time in talking if you are not quick about it

Asher: Would you really shoot me?
Anita: Cut the charm and give me a reason not to kill you

Asher: You want to pat me down? I could rip you apart with my bare hands and you're worried I have a gun? That's so very cute
Anita: Cute? Me?

Asher: What I saw in your face no one else could give me

Asher: Don't you need to strip-search me?
Anita: In your dreams

Asher: Save your tears, Jean-Claude. You'll need them for yourself and for her. They promised me my revenge

Asher: Be careful that he does not wait to save you

Asher: If I dropped this towel to the floor, would you really not look?

Asher: Why don't I see in her eyes what I see in everyone's eyes?

J.C: I tire of you already, Asher
Asher: You tire of me because I speak the truth
J.C: No, I tire of you because you remind me of her, and that once, a very long time ago, I was almost happy
Asher: But now you have a second chance.
J.C: You could have a second chance, too, Asher. If you would only let the past go
Asher: The past is all I have
J.C: And that is not my fault

Anita: What did you do with all your long hair? Please tell me you haven't cut it.
Asher: It is braided, and longer than ever
Anita: I can hardly wait to see it. Thanks for coming.
Asher: I would move all of hell to reach your side, you know that
Anita: You french guys do talk pretty

Asher: Blink if you can hear me, Anita
Anita blinks
Asher: Can you speak?
Anita: Yes
Asher: Can you hear me, mon ami?
Richard: Yes
Asher: Bon bon
Anita: Now, everyone who can stand, raise their hands.
Asher: Have no fears, ma cherie, we will attend you.

Asher: She bridges life and death
JC: Exactement

Asher: Look at you, Jean-Claude, between them like a candle with two wicks. You will burn yourself up
JC: That is my concern
Asher: Yes, and what I do is mine

Richard: You're being very petty, Asher
Asher: Have I not earned the right to be petty, Richard?

Asher: He (JC) refuses my bed, because he fears that you (Anita) would ... what is the American word ... dump him, if you knew he were sleeping with a man. Would you?
Anita: Yeah

Asher: The look in your eyes heals part of my heart, ma cherie, and wounds another.
Anita: Love is such a bitch

Anita: What's wrong with him?
Asher: I've only seen this reaction between master and servant
Anita: I'm Damian's master, so what? It shouldn't cause this, should it?
Asher: No, ma cherie, not mearly master, but master vampire and human servant
Anita: Damian is not my master
Asher: You have made him your servant

Asher: We are dealing with things of legend, ma cherie, things that should not be possible. I am having to ... guess at this

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