Blade AKA The Daywalker. The son of a mortal, bitten by a vampire while she was pregnant. He is equipped with all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses!! Blade is able to go out in sunlight without busting into flames. He has the strength of a vampire and the ability to heal quickly. He controls his thirst for blood with a serum. Occasionally he has used human blood from human volunteers in desperate situations. His life has been spent fighting against the vampire order along with his friend and mentor Whistler, who is the last of a generation of vampire hunters.

In his first big screen outing, Blade battled with Decon Frost, a half breed vampire (having been turned, not born). Decon wants to perform a ritual which will make him imortal, but to do this he needs the blood of "The Daywalker". Blade has to battle Frost to prevent this from happening, not only for his own sake, but for the rest of the world too. Blade is also faced with his mother, whom he thought was dead but is actually now a vampire.

Blade came back for a second shot at the big screen, when a new breed of Vampire's was discovered. These hybrids feed on human and vampire blood and were roaming his streets. Much to his surprise The Vampire order request that Blade help them rid the world of these hybrids led by the original Hybrid who hates Vampires. Blade is reluctantly teamed up with the Bloodpack, a band of specially train Vampires who were trained for 2 years in the hope that they could kill Blade.

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