"Family again"

Alive (you know what I mean) but injured enough to be in a wheelchair, Spike plans a party for Drusilla. The guests invited and factory decorated. He has a perfect gift picked out. The Judge, a demon that has been disassembled and the bits sent all over the world .He was brought forth a thousand years ago to rid the Earth of the plague of humanity.
Buffy intercepts one of Spike's minions and she takes one of the pieces.

"She can't have her fun without the box" ~Spike

After getting the piece back, some guest turn up early. Angel and Buffy come in, expecting to find the Judge in bits. Wrong! They are nearly burned to cinders, but escape. Guess Spike and Dru never did get those better guards!

Back at the factory, Spike and Drusilla get a visit from a really old friend. The Judge does his stuff and announces that there is no humanity in this one.

Angelus is back!

Angelus is back

He asks them to put off their plans of destroying humanity, so he can torment the slayer. Angel convinces the two to leave the plan with the Judge for a night, to give him time to torment the Slayer.

When he returns Angelus and Dru head off to put the Judge to work. Spike is left behind in his wheelchair. The Judge is blown in to little bitty pieces by the Slayer and her gang with a rocket launcher.

Spike really doesn't like the way Angelus is acting. He wants to be the leader again and have Drusilla for himself. He has fully recovered, but pretends still to be wheelchair bound. While Angelus and Dru are trying to find out how to get the world sucked in to hell, he goes to the Slayer.

I'm all you got

Spike: What? Your mum doesn't know?
Joyce: Know what?
Buffy: That, uh, that I'm in a rock band. Yes, a rock band with Spike here.
Spike: Right, she plays the ... triangle.
Buffy: Drums.
Spike: Drums, yeah, she's hell on the old skins, you know.
Joyce: And, uh, what do you do?
Spike: Well, I sing.

Buffy reluctantly agrees to a partnership. So long as Spike and Dru leave and never come back.

Angel, meanwhile, is torturing Giles to find out how to awaken Acathla and end the world. Spike has arrived back, and convinces Angel not to kill Giles. Drusilla hypnotises Giles, giving him the impression she is Ms Calendar and he tells her that Angel's blood will open the vortex. (See Angel section for more information)

When Buffy turns up to deal with Angelus, Spike leaps from his chair and hits Angelus with a metal bar.

he's going kill her

"I don't want to hurt you pet." (Hits Dru)
"Doesn't mean I won't." ~Spike

Dru comes to the rescue and Spike hits her, then chokes her unconscious.He picks up Dru, on his way out the door he sees Buffy fighting for her

"He's going to kill her..." (Shrugs and walks off) ~Spike

He drives off, leaving Sunnyhell behind "forever" he bloody well hopes.

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